Thursday, April 23, 2009


You always realize that you made the wrong ones a little bit too late, hesitation might be called sane or wise, but I always prefer doing rash actions, they're the ones I still do not regret, hesitation makes you think and thinking gets you to doubt and then you prefer staying where you are
I regret many things, but I don't care I'll make the best of what's here... at least for now...


some moments resonate within you....
they leave an aftertaste
and sometimes it's so sweet and stays for days
I still feel his fingers on my skin
his breath on my neck
his hearbeats against my cheeks
it's like the moment doesn't instantly go away the second it's over
it leaves a mark on you
that fades away very slowly

"A butterfly fluttered it's wings in a wind thick with the smell of seaweed. His dry lips felt the touch of the butterfly for the briefest instant, yet the wisp of the wing dust still shone on his lips years later."
Rashomon and other stories by Aktugawa Rynsuke


It's there looming above me
and thinking about it, it sort of become the story of my life
it hurts
but I don't mind
everything is just a phase
i'm starting to accept that fact
i'm not even into japan that much anymore


I know where my passion lies
I feel it sometimes somewhere within
but it comes in sudden outbursts
little glimpses of something glowing within


I find it hard to connect with anyone
or to open up
but I don't mind
I will have fun
and spend my life
endlessly searching
for that thing
that I will never find

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some moments, even in the most normal of settings seem very unreal
almost like a dream
like a stroke of a magical paintbrush
on a photograph of an ordinary moment

suddenly the flat colors are accentuated
and you can almost see the figures moving

funny thing is that you stumble upon them
sometimes even by mistake
you'd love to repeat them over and over again
but like an overused film reel
it dissapates
like a song on repeat
it loses the feelings it released
the first time
the rainbow colored fog
slowly evaporates
into thin air
and you see everything clearly
it isn't neccesarily ugly
it's just


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

some days i just hate modernity, technology and the city life
I want to go back in time
waaay back